Pegmatites International is a site intended for those who have experienced the Wonderful World of “Pegmatology” (the study of pegmatites) and want to know more. It’s designed for the non-pegmatite specialist, the professional geologist and the beginning and graduate student. It will offer a good starting point for both general and advanced information and provide a greater insight and understanding of these unusual rocks. For the researcher, this will be an excellent place to share information with your colleagues. Our goal at Pegmatites International is to serve as a broad primer for more general and specialized study; to serve as a forum for the exchange of information; to review the state of “pegmatology” and address the problems to be solved in the future.

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Pegs 101

General introduction to basic and advanced concepts in pegmatology.


Who’s who & what’s happening in pegmatite research.


A list of upcoming meetings, symposia and field trips with emphasis on pegmatite related topics


Links to sites with a “pegmatitic” theme


The JOURNAL OF PEGMATOLOGY is a new international online journal which will serve as a platform for the dissemination of information on pegmatite related topics.

Photo Gallery

A selection of photos of pegmatitic rocks and related minerals and gems.


Information on Dr. Michael Wise’s summer field course.

I hope the site stimulates a greater interest in those who are already curious about pegmatites. The site will always be under construction. Any suggestions on how to improve the site is welcome. PEGMATITES RULE!
Please send comments and suggestions to the Peglet Webmaster

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